Im figuring it out, I’m never giving up

What is this puzzle we call life? In your twenties, your eyes tend to open wider by the second and you come to realise its not how you planned it! nothing! That vision of innocent success  is merely a mirage of your teenage years. As the numbers increase with age you slouch further in your chair. I know I did at one point. Then I stopped. I sat straight, pushed my shoulders back and took a deep breathe. How can this feel like a “Quarter life crisis”, its not our fault. Yes partly influenced by your actions, but significantly by the current state of the countries economy and the lack of role models.

Looking forward

Growing up, the first stage is to look up and aspire to be something. When I look up now, figures once I held great respect for are now displaying their gluteals to the world in hope to expand their riches. shameful and distasteful. Leading members are doing their current best, but failing to address to the peoples needs. Parents are busy making sure they can rise in correlation with inflation rates. So where are the kids left? children of the future where do we look?

So by now; I was supposed to have a kick ass job, with a house, perhaps be in a happy marriage with dog. Husky but thats a personal choice. How could I forget a car, but not any car, my bentley GT. So when I reflected before I sat up, I laughed in disbelief how far I was from it all.

Right, so when I decided to sit up and inhale some free oxygen. I realised why am I thinking of this as a negative? Foolish notion. Instead I should be challenging and inspiring myself ,to do more, with my ambitions behind me as fuel. This fuel will get me there. Sure there are plenty of hurdles, but you get speed bumps on roads all the time. Doesn’t mean you stop driving, get out of your car and walk home. So why now? nothing comes easy”. That phrase has aggravated me for years. If nothing comes easy why is the world so obsessed with making everything we do in life easier: smart phones, macs, sat nav etc? This trains us to believe things should just come to us with a touch of a button. So I’m deciding to regress. I’m going back to old school books and maps. I going back to old fashion advice from people who have made it to the level of success I wanted. Above all the belief in my abilities. Sure this may not produce my desired out come tomorrow or the day after, but I’m well on my way there. Im not giving up. Neither should you.


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