“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”

Wanna be my valentine?

Let’s take a moment to analyse what we’ve just read. “The way…” suggests it is the only method and the most successful too. “Man’s heart…..his stomach”, two very vital organs used everyday; to circulate blood with its composites to provide for the body’s needs.  Admittedly the entire phrase is a indication on how to nab a guy, so to speak. How to keep him interested, alert and receptive. But is it the man that requires food or is it the woman?

Lets think about this a little further, a little deeper to understand, just how much food plays a role in the animal world of dating and partnership. Food is seen to be desirable by all. There are certain groups of food that become easily accessible, some are considered aphrodisiacs, others fatty junk food and alternatively a need for survival. Whether you are the one making it or consuming it, you never really get away from the source of this phrase: Food. Perhaps because of its relatable nature,  to all homo-sapiens, it naturally becomes a easy solution to bond over. If our palates are entertained by the mourish flavours and visually we are stimulated by the aesthetically pleasing beings, we are thus more likely to enjoy the experience as a whole. Creating a sense of ease, a level of comfort and opening a portal of conversation to allow for bonding to occur.

Now we return to this gender rivalry of whom exactly is most pleased from consumption and whose heart is the one being reached to. Typically and traditionally speaking, though women may quite rightly do so too, men ask women on a date; classically over dinner. It’s important to see both sides of the coin or spoon in this example. Men have come to believe that dinner is a polite way of getting to know someone. Woman have reciprocated and acknowledged the advantage of “free” dinner over the years. Why shouldn’t they? Men have always been seen to be the bread winners; to be seen as a stable providers has proven to be advantageous through out the animal kingdom, not just us two legged mammals. Wouldn’t that formula equate to the suggestion “The way to a woman’s heart (or what ever the man may desire at the opportune time) is through her stomach”. With me so far? let us take out the factor of restaurant dinning. Let us picture a suburban home, with a home made, meal being prepared. The woman will go out her way to produce the best blends of flavours to please the opposite gender. In return she gets great satisfaction from his approval and her ego is boosted. Again another positive; they say flattery will get you anywhere. Whist eating, she gets full enjoyment of her hard labour and again feels at ease. conversation will now continue. Her senses are heightened and hormones can take charge to do the rest.

In our generation men tend to believe less and less in monogamy, (“a society made rule; to imply the exclusive nature of a relationship between man and woman. And them two alone”), indicating a date over dinner really implies the true nature of the evening from a male perspective (not all), is to have their “cake” censored for obviously reasons.  So this again relays the idea, woman require the food to be pleased and become attainable. Men require food to attain the woman. So tell me now, who’s heart is being won? his or hers?


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