Read Between the lines: RBTL

No, fear not I’m not being a 6th grader, using the simple logic of finger subtraction to speak “french”. If you understand what I mean? For those of you less witty in your sense of humor, I’m referring to the middle finger.stlips

However interesting, that may appear as a topic of conversation, I’d like to divert your attention to the simple idea of words. Words; whether they be in one language or several, put together form a sentence. With me so far?

So why is it when one person says one thing, the other reads it in a totally warped way?? Ever sat there, trying to solve the cryptic message that has magically started flashing on your screen? Or  been on the receiving end of a short voice call, that has left you standing going… “huh?”. Oh! I have a even better one, when you’re standing with you best friend, suddenly you stop. Your eyebrows tense up together, head tilts ever so slightly and a small partition appears on your lips. Yup. I thought you would. This is exactly what I’m referring too. Now we appear to be on the same page, I shall digress.

twerkFor ease sake: (Read between the lines will be shortened to RBTL) and the fact the English dictionary has gone barmy with its latest insertion ie. Twerk. Honestly what on earth were people thinking. In my opinion its a open air public ass shake! After all, they say it’s a mans’ world. I wonder which old man came to the conclusion “Twerk” was worthy of becoming a real word. Maybe he was sitting in his arm rest, frustrated from his wife when he came across Miley Cyrus or Rihanna’s latest video. Sipping on his tea and thought “My golly! what a ass”, indeed what a ass/arse. Lets not get political.

There are three ways to RBTL and I will explain them to you! You want to be the next Sherlock Holmes then step right up! Its quite simple. Everything you read is what you read. I never said, what you read is the meaning too. Calm down sunshine!

One word replies?
come on… the person is busy or clearly not interested in the art of parle. 
Two word replies?
Still minimal effort and lets face it. Forced reply. Gutted.
Three words and under ten?
YOUR TOPIC OF CONVO has not reached its optimum comfort level.
Ten words and more?
Now you’re in the big leagues!! Bombs away let get the party started. And FYI “lol” does not count.

Here’s where it gets a little tricky. Some people are just not phone people and you really shouldn’t get too offended. Secondly, If they are anti phonecall people, don’t get too excited when you get called. Its just sad! Actually no..do! where else would I get my material from.  Sometimes we get those calls where the person seems “off”. What’s this about? Is there a rule? About tone and mannerisms? Is a voice like the “x” at the end of a text…compulsory?!  Take it with a pinch of salt. They say its easier to talk on the phone than face to face…So make full use of it! Ask away to your hearts content.

Vision is said to be light particles exposed to you in multitudes of megapixels. So how can one person truly appreciate the same scene, the same color as another? Does that mean that there is no validity in beauty hence no reliability? That would explain why beauty fades. Beauty is false. Words are sounds. Presumptuously, just merely the bending of the small hairs that are so easily damaged in our ears. Perhaps that’s why you don’t hear the emotion and hurt in the tone. Selective hearing is a talent. But being able to mask the true feelings in your voice-a skill. So if we can’t rely on our vision or hearing, what of our Human senses can we trust? Our taste lies to us almost on a daily basis and on occasion so does our touch. Our heart and mind have a ongoing love hate relationship. So in all reality we are almost designed to lie to ourselves, No wonder we’re so good at lying to others. loled

The ultimate best way to RBTL is to not read but understand the content in relation to the subject at hand. Mean what you say and say what you mean. If you’re afraid of saying something, maybe its not the right thing to say. If you’re afraid of the meaning and want to know what it means, chances are you already know. So take a deep breathe and say! Hey! I’m no Miley Cyrus.


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