Flawed Logic: I Am Your Parent

“Listen to what you have been told! I’m telling you for your own good, I know best”SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Sadly, this is not sincerely true. Our generation as it stands today, encompasses a larger than life fusion of cultures and ethnicity. We thrive on the new mixture and hold a open approach for all things. Over the years we have learned to respect and accept one another. Despite your background or gender we have fought for independence of some sort. So why is it so hard for our parents to understand us?? Women have burnt their bras to be able to vote! Men have embraced their kitchens to be chefs! Tables have turned! Dressing senses have matured (I won’t comment whether it’s for the best or not), yet they appear to hold on to their ways of life. They say the apple never falls from the tree. But I guess that is a direct correlation between the gravitational pull and the height of the tree (which in this case represents the generation in which the parent belongs to).

Ever sat and wondered how you could be the produce of such small minded, society accepting, traditional binding people that believe in what has been bestowed upon them at birth with sheer faith and acceptance. Never once stopping to question the facts and ways of life. Over centuries tradition and stories have been tainted by the natural existence of what I like to call “the Chinese whispers effect”. All starts off in great detail and somewhere down the line gets lost in translation.  So can it be entirely correct? As modern day educated people, it is our given right to question and understand principles and traditions before point blank believing them. Rebellious in nature? Possibly our altered DNA with the wealth of education and freedom of speech.

Agreed that with time one becomes more rigid, thus narrowing ones open mindset. As we progress in our lives we all become conditioned to certain behaviors, make our own mistakes and  do what we believe is the correct thing to do. But that doesn’t always mean the older you are the wiser you are. The more grays you have highlights the fact you are in need of hair colorant & not a biblical party. Some cultures pin point the delicate nature of being female as a life restriction in means of career, times, living outside the parental home, travelling and even dating. Why should that matter in this day and age?? Some parents expect their children to follow in their footsteps, allowing the child to have the same level of success or experience; the rich lessons they have learnt. But why should the child do this?? The offspring is not a clone of the parental genes. The fruit of both parties comes with his or her own thoughts, beliefs, instincts and interests. If the parents expect their children to take on the role of the “provider” they should understand it is important for the individual to make something for his/ her self first in order to take on board this task efficiently. If they wanted home slaves, they should revert two generations and go back into the shocking and barbaric slavery market.

“I am not arguing, I’m explaining why I am correct”

Everyone must remember that each individual is responsible for his or her life. Your decisions impact you and of course those around you. Ultimately you control your own actions. Make the most of every opportunity at hand. Leap for the next door. Never let someone tell you, you’re not worth the next best thing. Your parents may want the best for you, but sometimes their ways aren’t the best solution. This is where you need to step up and show them just what you are capable of with hard work, great respect and determination. Only then will all logic fall into place. After all, all students surpass their teachers at some point. Now is that moment.


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