Candy Crush Crazy

Candy Crush Crazy

Top Grossing, it said? Just like that my sweet tooth took charge and downloaded the sweet application. Whilst the blue line shifted across to show progress, I never contemplated reaching to this level (mentally and numerically)…number 70!!

With most commuters, Candy Crush has become a eyes popping, fingers tapping sensation. I myself, count in the cluster of quality streets finest members. Dedicated to finding the modern day version of connect four (striped candy) and the longed for connect five (color bomb) inducing a Willy Wonka styled popping candy-bursting in all directions spontaneously.

Is this a form of addiction or simply a competitive strike? perhaps its a delicious combination of the two. Having been stuck on level 70 for over two weeks, not only is this sad but frustrating! Usually  the great puzzler solver that I am- I have Sudoku begging me to stop! With my fast number skills. But this colorful sweet salad has me feeling diabetic at the touch.  With most games there are plausible cheats. On here zilch. How wonderful.

So naturally my creative mind drifted on one fine evening train ride. I began to think just why this has become has successful as it has. The multitude of levels and endless possibilities of combinations means you are always right. who wouldn’t like this. The colors and fast pace movements keep you at edge. Can we apply this to other aspects of  our lives? Of course we can. Think about it, majority of us dread change, though we like minor adjustments that benefit us. We enjoy having control of our surrounding, like we enjoy moving one candy to another. We meticulously calculate our days to days actions, like we plan our moves on the screen. But most importantly we enjoy winning! Our own accomplishments establish a sense of joy. Even pairing two stripes together: its like reunited two people together? Okay where on earth am I going with this? Incredible how philosophy goes with everything. We are all connected in the circle of life.

Therefore it only makes sense that we enjoy this pleasurable time pass, guess what I’m really trying to say is…


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