But He’s/She’s Nice

“But He’s/She’s nice…”

What does that even mean?! You’re furniture is nice too, doesn’t mean you take it to dinner. Is nice a amicable way of coming to terms with your failure to coincide with you brain and heart? Are the two even wired properly? because the last time I checked there seemed to be a few sparks flickering at inappropriate times.

“Nice”, what a perfect four letter word to cover up the truth of of the matter. You’re keeping this person around because you haven’t found something better or the fact you can’t get better. Oh dear, was that too harsh? You know you were thinking it! I refuse to have a guilty conscious. No, you are not a bad person and neither am I. We’ve all been in this position. If for whatever profound reason, you are reading this and shaking your head and thinking “Nope, nu-uh- not me, I’ve never done that!” Then hats off to you, you clearly didn’t leave your village or go swimming in the sea, because there are #plentyoffish out there. Sadly to say, more sharks than dolphins. How a gentleman reminds me of a dolphin is beyond me. Having swam with a few Mexican ones, I can assure you, the only thing I felt at the end, was Hunger.

Reasons for why the person is “Nice”;

  • Makes serious effort
  • Listens to what you’re saying
  • Treats you to little things
  • Understands your humor
  • Puts you first
  • Holds your hand

Okay seriously……What’s wrong with us? Behold the perfect combination. What more would you like in a person? Are we that shallow to ignore these, simply to focus on the exterior. Agreed, appearance and attraction hold the key to infinity but wisdom lasts to infinity and beyond. Are we that psychologically damaged from our previous failed relationships, that we feel the need to be punished in our future ones? Orange were the first ones to say “The Future is bright“, but safe to say that was short lived; liquidation resulted in Kevin bacon taking the screen (God his face annoys me). Maybe, its the learned cognitive behavior of your childhood, preventing you from accepting love.

Instinct, gut feelings and that tiny voice inside, niggling at your heart strings persuading you to choose your next step…has to count for something? WRONG! How many times have you been down this road and ended up 10 feet in the air with a dramatic drop and broken ribs (because that is exactly how the B*tch of the broken heart feelings feel).

In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether the person is nice or lovely or sexy, what matters is that you get to be yourself.  You get to live and feel loved. Changing a channel or pressing shuffle on your iTunes means being adjustable; changing your personality means you are fake and the “Nice” person in the relation is you, not them.

Just food for thought, will you give this person a shot?


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