Where exotic meats MEET!

Where exotic meats MEET!

“This article contains hash- tags, warning for those sensitive to modern day text.”

Playing with words is one thing our generation has successfully mastered and playing with meat is something majority of homo sapiens (us; taste bud matured, survival of the fittest, beautifully capable people) have conquered. Carnivorous at heart; there are plethora of dishes to try and salivate over, and this is how the best dinner of my life came about…

ARCHIPELAGO #LEGGO, a hidden island of its own near Warren Street Station. Why an island? Well I’m glad you’ve asked. Like most people I find great pleasure in learning weird facts and roots of words in different languages, just in case I get a opportunity like this to tell you! You are very welcome #nerdgloat. So, the name of the restaurant means a cluster of islands. Cleverly the establishment has done precisely that.

Its decor; an amalgamation of many cultures incorporated in a small yet sufficient space! who knew you could fit so many beasts (hungry people) into one place harmoniously. No two are the same, meaning your iris, retina and light refraction images are simultaneously stimulated alongside your taste receptors. The music soothe the hairs inside your ears sending you to the land of calm.

Now for the tantalizing part, dish explanations and menu review!
1)The top right hand corner of the picture, would be our starters. Each individually grilled to perfection CROCODILE meat in vine leaves with plum sauce on a heated rock that looks like the logo for superman #supercroc.
Dish name: Caymen Islands Score 9/10, where did it lack the one point? simple: they only gave me three pieces. I know right?! the fat child in me wanted more.

2) Middle green picture; CRICKETS dish name:love bug salad #stayhealthy. This has to be the one time falling in love has all the right advantages. Initially the thought was rather unsettling but the taste cleared any inhibitions of the dish. Strongly recommend. Score 10/10.

3) Main course is middle right square, now it feel like we’re playing food battleship. That my friends were FROGS & KANGAROO dishes. Personally the frogs were jumping at me alot more than the ‘Roos. Skippy didn’t win me over entirely, though I have had this meat many times before. Strange fact no.2: “I’ve consumed more kangaroo than lamb in my lifetime”.
Dish names: Swamp Fever & Hot Marsupial -Score: 8.5 & 7.

4) Bottom middle and right boxes; dessert. All I will say “Piece of white chocolate with a BUMBLE BEE drenched in sweet honey accompanied by the rose water creme brulee” I would live off this, if humanly possible.
Dish name: Baby Bee Brulee Score: 10/10

5) Important Liquids- Drinks: Middle left and bottom left squares, a fantastic champagne infused with floating GOLD pieces #memorizing.

How can one person talk so much about food? I don’t understand how people don’t talk about food. Places like this are a rarity and need to be shared. Not to mention it rekindled my yelp review days! So, if I’ve managed to tempt you into being Katy Perry like adventurous, hope to hear you ROAR back with your thoughts!

Enjoy being carnivores.


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