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“Oh no, it’s Monday again, I hate Mondays”

Let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of saying it. But why should we despise the starting day of the week? And that is precisely the attitude I’ve had up until this week. Now unlike most coffee guzzlers and tea slurpers, I’ve never been one to join the band wagon. Simply because I think they are both vile drinks; “Society’s well accepted liquid poison and teeth blemishers” . Yes yes, I can hear 85% of you readers disagreeing with me and fair play. How we choose to mourn our taste buds is entirely up to us, as a individual. Personally, I rather indulge in 90% Lindt cocoa chocolate bar. The flavonoids provide my inspiration for my writing, you see.

Monday Blues Gone?

Monday Blues Gone?

So keeping that in mind, I’ve never had the need to reach a caffeine high, so all mornings seemed the same to me. A fresh new start;
a brand new day. That is what most people crave for- unless you’re a student praying that tomorrow never comes with it’s deadline. Having Spoken to many different nationalities and adventuring to many countries, their working ethics have deeply enriched my
career and my outlook on the “dreaded” Monday everyone speaks of. In Chicago, having worked with a veterans hospital, a very respectable Doctor of Podiatric. Medicine (DPM) once said “Here a half day commences at 6am and ends at 5pm. A full day entails of 6am-9pm”. As you can imagine, it was shocking enough to believe the regular 9am-5pm had little value in his life. These words awakened a deeper sense of respect for the working man/woman. Their sense of pride and dedication was enough to make me salute and say “god bless America”. Another fascinating, country split by the turmoils of political history, culture, wealth and independence, exposed a tremendous perspective in regards to the working days. I came across a traditional Indian couple, living in the heart and soul of Mumbai. Just east of the great slums. Both just under 5ft4″, smiled with great enthusiasm, eager to reach their working destination on a Monday morning. With less that £2/$5 in their pockets, they set off to earn just the same amount for a weeks salary. Yet they were happy!? Rather astonishing. This served as quite the reality check.

This weekend was something out of a J. R. R. Tolkien book, full of many adventurous twist and characters, it was no surprise this Monday  came with a little shade of blue.  Not to mention, the failure of the mighty Oyster card. For those not familiar with the small blue money eating card, they can be temperamental at the most “convenient” of times.  Guess it’s all part of getting your moneys worth #loveTFL.  I began to sink, when suddenly I looked around on the train and a complete stranger smiled back. My faith in humanity was restored. I realized I wasn’t alone. We were all in this together. One for all and all for one! The great musketeers of the land. I smiled. The spring in my step returned because I knew I was lucky. Lucky to have something worth getting up for. If you’re thinking- No not me, I hate my job, well hate to tell you this,
you’re very fortunate to have one and it allows you to play over the weekends!

So I’m a converted Monday lover, hopefully you’ll start to see Monday as a pay day not a pain day. Happy week-ings.


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