You Are Too Good for Him/Her Dear

Jack Vettriano's Painting beautifully highlighting the required behavior of "accepted" arrogance.

Jack Vettriano’s Painting beautifully highlighting the behavior of “accepted” arrogance needed.

“You are, you really are, trust me!”

Heard this before have we? But do you believe it?

If you were to believe this, are you believing it for the right reasons? Why should we allow ourselves to settle with the idea of being less than adequate, for being the gem in someone else’s eye. Especially with the kind thoughts, effort and time you’ve probably invested in this being and relationship.

If the people around you love, accept and cherish you for the way that you are, is there a need to change? I don’t think so! Let’s take a step back, shall we?

Now please answer these honestly. If you hear yourself saying yes- honey you’re on to something and it’s a big one!

Your friends and family have questioned him/her?
You’ve caught them lying over small issues?
They have an answer and excuse for everything?
It’s never their fault?
You find your self making excuses for the other?

Hello and smell the French toast! You are too good! “Start as you mean to go on” and it’s true. Why pretend-Why alter your DNA? This person, you’ve spent a lifetime perfecting ,has resulted in this unique character that you are today. Embrace the fact that you are too good. It takes an ordinary man to accept it. But a genius to learn from it and move on!

Hurry your next bus is coming…


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