I spent my whole life fighting for my freedom, now I’m looking for a box to spend my after life in…


The Colourful After Life

Cruel irony of the positive kind. How would you like to rest in peace?
Over centuries many cultures have fought and striven for freedom.
Freedom of speech, of law, of poverty, of expression, of fashion and of love.
We have sacrificed many in the process, in great hope of achieving happiness. For some happiness is the success and others, fame.
However it may be, all dramas of life conclude to one thing; we all have to chose
our ending fate.  So how to leave this material world, when your “soul”
escapes your vessel aka the body? Do you rush for the great Chicago
flames? or do we make our own pyramids? or guilt trip our significant
other to make a modern day Taj Mahal for us?  Who’s right and who’s
wrong, truth be told-neither! We are free till the time we depart.
So if I was you, I’d pick carefully. After-all, the choice is still all yours.


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