Third wheeling and why you are the boss


Can you feel the love tonight? I wonder how mechanics deal with third wheels?!

Recently found myself to be a third wheel. My friends were in this boat too. So i stopped to think.

Whether you’re the wheel that holds the back wheels up on a rickshaw or the candle holder for the two in front of you or even the meat next to the two veg on your dinner plate. You are the responsible for making the term third party awkward.

How you ask?

Noodle Logic Explained-Simples,you are giving the pair a bubble/ a lair/ fantasy/ habitat/ shack. No, that doesn’t mean you’re chewing gum and entertaining them with your less than impressive fairy liquid accident squirts. You are giving them a real life substance to block. Thus creating a hogwarts like magical realm for the duo; heightening their pheromonal  senses i.e. making their conversations exciting. It begins to feel like a dirty deed, illegal to the mannerism senses and thus sexy!


How to be the mechanic?

Further noodle logic cooked for your perfection and steamed for your liking. Obviously please feel free to add your own sauces to spice it up! After all we’re all different! So here’s what you do, are you ready?

  1. You jump right in! Head first, without a helmet like you want to develop Alzheimers.
    You do want to forget you’re there and they have probably already forgotten.
    So technically for once all three of you will be on the same page.
  2. Every circling thought in your mind, that has been plaguing you like that one moth
    that just wont leave your room for days and ends up on your tv screen,
    you need to get it out! Dont be afraid anything you say will be buffered
    by their recently adopted partial deafness.
  3. If they appear to be getting annoyed, you my friend- are on the right track.
    Highlight the fact they are boring you. Honestly is the best policy.
    Example “God you guys seem tired! Maybe we should get more drinks-I am loving this place”.
  4. When the nights over give them a mighty large embrace and finish it off with
    “Now you kids be safe! Adios Amigos”.

    Like a boss you have fixed the fault and enjoyed every minute of it! Happy third wheeling you sexy people.



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