Im figuring it out, I’m never giving up

What is this puzzle we call life? In your twenties, your eyes tend to open wider by the second and you come to realise its not how you planned it! nothing! That vision of innocent success  is merely a mirage of your teenage years. As the numbers increase with age you slouch further in your chair. I know I did at one point. Then I stopped. I sat straight, pushed my shoulders back and took a deep breathe. How can this feel like a “Quarter life crisis”, its not our fault. Yes partly influenced by your actions, but significantly by the current state of the countries economy and the lack of role models.

Looking forward

Growing up, the first stage is to look up and aspire to be something. When I look up now, figures once I held great respect for are now displaying their gluteals to the world in hope to expand their riches. shameful and distasteful. Leading members are doing their current best, but failing to address to the peoples needs. Parents are busy making sure they can rise in correlation with inflation rates. So where are the kids left? children of the future where do we look?

So by now; I was supposed to have a kick ass job, with a house, perhaps be in a happy marriage with dog. Husky but thats a personal choice. How could I forget a car, but not any car, my bentley GT. So when I reflected before I sat up, I laughed in disbelief how far I was from it all.

Right, so when I decided to sit up and inhale some free oxygen. I realised why am I thinking of this as a negative? Foolish notion. Instead I should be challenging and inspiring myself ,to do more, with my ambitions behind me as fuel. This fuel will get me there. Sure there are plenty of hurdles, but you get speed bumps on roads all the time. Doesn’t mean you stop driving, get out of your car and walk home. So why now? nothing comes easy”. That phrase has aggravated me for years. If nothing comes easy why is the world so obsessed with making everything we do in life easier: smart phones, macs, sat nav etc? This trains us to believe things should just come to us with a touch of a button. So I’m deciding to regress. I’m going back to old school books and maps. I going back to old fashion advice from people who have made it to the level of success I wanted. Above all the belief in my abilities. Sure this may not produce my desired out come tomorrow or the day after, but I’m well on my way there. Im not giving up. Neither should you.


“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”

Wanna be my valentine?

Let’s take a moment to analyse what we’ve just read. “The way…” suggests it is the only method and the most successful too. “Man’s heart…..his stomach”, two very vital organs used everyday; to circulate blood with its composites to provide for the body’s needs.  Admittedly the entire phrase is a indication on how to nab a guy, so to speak. How to keep him interested, alert and receptive. But is it the man that requires food or is it the woman?

Lets think about this a little further, a little deeper to understand, just how much food plays a role in the animal world of dating and partnership. Food is seen to be desirable by all. There are certain groups of food that become easily accessible, some are considered aphrodisiacs, others fatty junk food and alternatively a need for survival. Whether you are the one making it or consuming it, you never really get away from the source of this phrase: Food. Perhaps because of its relatable nature,  to all homo-sapiens, it naturally becomes a easy solution to bond over. If our palates are entertained by the mourish flavours and visually we are stimulated by the aesthetically pleasing beings, we are thus more likely to enjoy the experience as a whole. Creating a sense of ease, a level of comfort and opening a portal of conversation to allow for bonding to occur.

Now we return to this gender rivalry of whom exactly is most pleased from consumption and whose heart is the one being reached to. Typically and traditionally speaking, though women may quite rightly do so too, men ask women on a date; classically over dinner. It’s important to see both sides of the coin or spoon in this example. Men have come to believe that dinner is a polite way of getting to know someone. Woman have reciprocated and acknowledged the advantage of “free” dinner over the years. Why shouldn’t they? Men have always been seen to be the bread winners; to be seen as a stable providers has proven to be advantageous through out the animal kingdom, not just us two legged mammals. Wouldn’t that formula equate to the suggestion “The way to a woman’s heart (or what ever the man may desire at the opportune time) is through her stomach”. With me so far? let us take out the factor of restaurant dinning. Let us picture a suburban home, with a home made, meal being prepared. The woman will go out her way to produce the best blends of flavours to please the opposite gender. In return she gets great satisfaction from his approval and her ego is boosted. Again another positive; they say flattery will get you anywhere. Whist eating, she gets full enjoyment of her hard labour and again feels at ease. conversation will now continue. Her senses are heightened and hormones can take charge to do the rest.

In our generation men tend to believe less and less in monogamy, (“a society made rule; to imply the exclusive nature of a relationship between man and woman. And them two alone”), indicating a date over dinner really implies the true nature of the evening from a male perspective (not all), is to have their “cake” censored for obviously reasons.  So this again relays the idea, woman require the food to be pleased and become attainable. Men require food to attain the woman. So tell me now, who’s heart is being won? his or hers?


Jamie Oliver’s Twist: Restarant Review

“Please Sir Can I Have Some More?…”


Left Hungry, bill in my hand, palate unsatisfied and wallet a little lighter than the night before was the conclusion.  Jamie how can you have gone so wrong? The first time I saw Jamie on TV, I was most intrigued, though baffled every time he picked up the oil bottle to say “just a little drizzle on top” 2 minutes later he puts it down. Hmm.. My drizzle calculations may be off, but I’m sure even Snoop Dogg would agree when I say “he’d be making it rain with oil”. Meaning a thorough drench.

A friend, who’d recently gained another years notch to his bed post, was lured to the venue.  The idea was simple, much like Jamie’s recipes, enjoy a nice meal and catch up in the truest of no boundaries manners. No topic was ruled off, for the nights conversation.  Spirits were high and joyous. And here’s were its all went to the scraps

  1. Waitress Alert; She heads towards the table, eyes glaring and smile hinged for her tip- “Hello guys, Ill bring you all some TAP water and here is our menu!” Hold up! Did you even ask if we’d like still or sparkling? Or did we look like “tap water” people? compliment or insult? Simple or cheap? hmm….
  2. Birthday boy, polite lifts up the water glass placed on the table, with orange bits stuck inside and smudges. Asks the waitress “I’m sorry but may I get another glass”. Waitress’s million dollar answer “Oh there’s no need, its just scratches and perfectly clean. Do you still want me to change it?”. My friend appalled by her answer bit his tongue and remained silent. Which Waitress on this planet argues with changing dishes on request? Oh dear I wish I could say this was it…images (1)
  3.  But wait there’s more! Along came Polly, no I wish.  Id like to take this point to emphasize a few things. All members of the rectangle table are healthy, fit, young and equipped with healthy appetites. Secondly when you order meat boards or “planks”  expectation for portions would be relatively high. To our horror and our stomach’s amusement, it’s equivalent held the same net weight as a tablespoon of honey. Ridiculous, a friend 6ft6″ in kindness remarked cleverly “Oh yes, this tasting sample was good, Ill have more of that for my starter please”. The Irony, doesn’t Mr Oliver preach about value for money and £5 meals? Ha!
  4. My turn, Crab and Avocado Bruschetta, a nice Italian dish served like the old testament in all restaurants. It arrives, what appeared to be a burglar weapon, thing and long. I’ve had rock candy softer than this. My dental bill would have gone straight to Jamie. There was nothing sweet you could say about it. The taste? what taste? Celery has more flavor.
  5. Wow, I’ve appeared to reach my fifth point already. My fingers are on fire. I am oozing disappointment. Main meals held no delight. Friends became tiresome of their dishes. They held little joy, a slab of meat on a plate with little else but a fried egg on one of the dishes- what a joke. The birthday boy further sinking in his seat. He had to order a extra side to entertain his taste buds.

He may be a good merchandiser, TV face and american school ball buster but he fails to serve our nation. Smart businessman, poor judge of character for hiring staff. But what would he care? He’s made his millions and sadly to say I’ve contributed to his wealth. So Jamie Oliver How do you plan to correct this?


Read Between the lines: RBTL

No, fear not I’m not being a 6th grader, using the simple logic of finger subtraction to speak “french”. If you understand what I mean? For those of you less witty in your sense of humor, I’m referring to the middle finger.stlips

However interesting, that may appear as a topic of conversation, I’d like to divert your attention to the simple idea of words. Words; whether they be in one language or several, put together form a sentence. With me so far?

So why is it when one person says one thing, the other reads it in a totally warped way?? Ever sat there, trying to solve the cryptic message that has magically started flashing on your screen? Or  been on the receiving end of a short voice call, that has left you standing going… “huh?”. Oh! I have a even better one, when you’re standing with you best friend, suddenly you stop. Your eyebrows tense up together, head tilts ever so slightly and a small partition appears on your lips. Yup. I thought you would. This is exactly what I’m referring too. Now we appear to be on the same page, I shall digress.

twerkFor ease sake: (Read between the lines will be shortened to RBTL) and the fact the English dictionary has gone barmy with its latest insertion ie. Twerk. Honestly what on earth were people thinking. In my opinion its a open air public ass shake! After all, they say it’s a mans’ world. I wonder which old man came to the conclusion “Twerk” was worthy of becoming a real word. Maybe he was sitting in his arm rest, frustrated from his wife when he came across Miley Cyrus or Rihanna’s latest video. Sipping on his tea and thought “My golly! what a ass”, indeed what a ass/arse. Lets not get political.

There are three ways to RBTL and I will explain them to you! You want to be the next Sherlock Holmes then step right up! Its quite simple. Everything you read is what you read. I never said, what you read is the meaning too. Calm down sunshine!

One word replies?
come on… the person is busy or clearly not interested in the art of parle. 
Two word replies?
Still minimal effort and lets face it. Forced reply. Gutted.
Three words and under ten?
YOUR TOPIC OF CONVO has not reached its optimum comfort level.
Ten words and more?
Now you’re in the big leagues!! Bombs away let get the party started. And FYI “lol” does not count.

Here’s where it gets a little tricky. Some people are just not phone people and you really shouldn’t get too offended. Secondly, If they are anti phonecall people, don’t get too excited when you get called. Its just sad! Actually! where else would I get my material from.  Sometimes we get those calls where the person seems “off”. What’s this about? Is there a rule? About tone and mannerisms? Is a voice like the “x” at the end of a text…compulsory?!  Take it with a pinch of salt. They say its easier to talk on the phone than face to face…So make full use of it! Ask away to your hearts content.

Vision is said to be light particles exposed to you in multitudes of megapixels. So how can one person truly appreciate the same scene, the same color as another? Does that mean that there is no validity in beauty hence no reliability? That would explain why beauty fades. Beauty is false. Words are sounds. Presumptuously, just merely the bending of the small hairs that are so easily damaged in our ears. Perhaps that’s why you don’t hear the emotion and hurt in the tone. Selective hearing is a talent. But being able to mask the true feelings in your voice-a skill. So if we can’t rely on our vision or hearing, what of our Human senses can we trust? Our taste lies to us almost on a daily basis and on occasion so does our touch. Our heart and mind have a ongoing love hate relationship. So in all reality we are almost designed to lie to ourselves, No wonder we’re so good at lying to others. loled

The ultimate best way to RBTL is to not read but understand the content in relation to the subject at hand. Mean what you say and say what you mean. If you’re afraid of saying something, maybe its not the right thing to say. If you’re afraid of the meaning and want to know what it means, chances are you already know. So take a deep breathe and say! Hey! I’m no Miley Cyrus.

Flawed Logic: I Am Your Parent

“Listen to what you have been told! I’m telling you for your own good, I know best”SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Sadly, this is not sincerely true. Our generation as it stands today, encompasses a larger than life fusion of cultures and ethnicity. We thrive on the new mixture and hold a open approach for all things. Over the years we have learned to respect and accept one another. Despite your background or gender we have fought for independence of some sort. So why is it so hard for our parents to understand us?? Women have burnt their bras to be able to vote! Men have embraced their kitchens to be chefs! Tables have turned! Dressing senses have matured (I won’t comment whether it’s for the best or not), yet they appear to hold on to their ways of life. They say the apple never falls from the tree. But I guess that is a direct correlation between the gravitational pull and the height of the tree (which in this case represents the generation in which the parent belongs to).

Ever sat and wondered how you could be the produce of such small minded, society accepting, traditional binding people that believe in what has been bestowed upon them at birth with sheer faith and acceptance. Never once stopping to question the facts and ways of life. Over centuries tradition and stories have been tainted by the natural existence of what I like to call “the Chinese whispers effect”. All starts off in great detail and somewhere down the line gets lost in translation.  So can it be entirely correct? As modern day educated people, it is our given right to question and understand principles and traditions before point blank believing them. Rebellious in nature? Possibly our altered DNA with the wealth of education and freedom of speech.

Agreed that with time one becomes more rigid, thus narrowing ones open mindset. As we progress in our lives we all become conditioned to certain behaviors, make our own mistakes and  do what we believe is the correct thing to do. But that doesn’t always mean the older you are the wiser you are. The more grays you have highlights the fact you are in need of hair colorant & not a biblical party. Some cultures pin point the delicate nature of being female as a life restriction in means of career, times, living outside the parental home, travelling and even dating. Why should that matter in this day and age?? Some parents expect their children to follow in their footsteps, allowing the child to have the same level of success or experience; the rich lessons they have learnt. But why should the child do this?? The offspring is not a clone of the parental genes. The fruit of both parties comes with his or her own thoughts, beliefs, instincts and interests. If the parents expect their children to take on the role of the “provider” they should understand it is important for the individual to make something for his/ her self first in order to take on board this task efficiently. If they wanted home slaves, they should revert two generations and go back into the shocking and barbaric slavery market.

“I am not arguing, I’m explaining why I am correct”

Everyone must remember that each individual is responsible for his or her life. Your decisions impact you and of course those around you. Ultimately you control your own actions. Make the most of every opportunity at hand. Leap for the next door. Never let someone tell you, you’re not worth the next best thing. Your parents may want the best for you, but sometimes their ways aren’t the best solution. This is where you need to step up and show them just what you are capable of with hard work, great respect and determination. Only then will all logic fall into place. After all, all students surpass their teachers at some point. Now is that moment.


Candy Crush Crazy

Candy Crush Crazy

Top Grossing, it said? Just like that my sweet tooth took charge and downloaded the sweet application. Whilst the blue line shifted across to show progress, I never contemplated reaching to this level (mentally and numerically)…number 70!!

With most commuters, Candy Crush has become a eyes popping, fingers tapping sensation. I myself, count in the cluster of quality streets finest members. Dedicated to finding the modern day version of connect four (striped candy) and the longed for connect five (color bomb) inducing a Willy Wonka styled popping candy-bursting in all directions spontaneously.

Is this a form of addiction or simply a competitive strike? perhaps its a delicious combination of the two. Having been stuck on level 70 for over two weeks, not only is this sad but frustrating! Usually  the great puzzler solver that I am- I have Sudoku begging me to stop! With my fast number skills. But this colorful sweet salad has me feeling diabetic at the touch.  With most games there are plausible cheats. On here zilch. How wonderful.

So naturally my creative mind drifted on one fine evening train ride. I began to think just why this has become has successful as it has. The multitude of levels and endless possibilities of combinations means you are always right. who wouldn’t like this. The colors and fast pace movements keep you at edge. Can we apply this to other aspects of  our lives? Of course we can. Think about it, majority of us dread change, though we like minor adjustments that benefit us. We enjoy having control of our surrounding, like we enjoy moving one candy to another. We meticulously calculate our days to days actions, like we plan our moves on the screen. But most importantly we enjoy winning! Our own accomplishments establish a sense of joy. Even pairing two stripes together: its like reunited two people together? Okay where on earth am I going with this? Incredible how philosophy goes with everything. We are all connected in the circle of life.

Therefore it only makes sense that we enjoy this pleasurable time pass, guess what I’m really trying to say is…


But He’s/She’s Nice

“But He’s/She’s nice…”

What does that even mean?! You’re furniture is nice too, doesn’t mean you take it to dinner. Is nice a amicable way of coming to terms with your failure to coincide with you brain and heart? Are the two even wired properly? because the last time I checked there seemed to be a few sparks flickering at inappropriate times.

“Nice”, what a perfect four letter word to cover up the truth of of the matter. You’re keeping this person around because you haven’t found something better or the fact you can’t get better. Oh dear, was that too harsh? You know you were thinking it! I refuse to have a guilty conscious. No, you are not a bad person and neither am I. We’ve all been in this position. If for whatever profound reason, you are reading this and shaking your head and thinking “Nope, nu-uh- not me, I’ve never done that!” Then hats off to you, you clearly didn’t leave your village or go swimming in the sea, because there are #plentyoffish out there. Sadly to say, more sharks than dolphins. How a gentleman reminds me of a dolphin is beyond me. Having swam with a few Mexican ones, I can assure you, the only thing I felt at the end, was Hunger.

Reasons for why the person is “Nice”;

  • Makes serious effort
  • Listens to what you’re saying
  • Treats you to little things
  • Understands your humor
  • Puts you first
  • Holds your hand

Okay seriously……What’s wrong with us? Behold the perfect combination. What more would you like in a person? Are we that shallow to ignore these, simply to focus on the exterior. Agreed, appearance and attraction hold the key to infinity but wisdom lasts to infinity and beyond. Are we that psychologically damaged from our previous failed relationships, that we feel the need to be punished in our future ones? Orange were the first ones to say “The Future is bright“, but safe to say that was short lived; liquidation resulted in Kevin bacon taking the screen (God his face annoys me). Maybe, its the learned cognitive behavior of your childhood, preventing you from accepting love.

Instinct, gut feelings and that tiny voice inside, niggling at your heart strings persuading you to choose your next step…has to count for something? WRONG! How many times have you been down this road and ended up 10 feet in the air with a dramatic drop and broken ribs (because that is exactly how the B*tch of the broken heart feelings feel).

In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether the person is nice or lovely or sexy, what matters is that you get to be yourself.  You get to live and feel loved. Changing a channel or pressing shuffle on your iTunes means being adjustable; changing your personality means you are fake and the “Nice” person in the relation is you, not them.

Just food for thought, will you give this person a shot?